The Baidam Initiative

We give back to regional and remote communities by creating employment opportunities & funding for cyber security certification training.

By partnering with some of Australia’s largest employers, we are able to provide secure employment options through the Baidam Initiative program.

This program gives a significant percentage of its profits to providing pathways to employment in the IT sector for Indigenous and First Nations people.

We provide organisations with business-as-usual outcomes, whilst providing a procurement vehicle to achieve  Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP).

You are able to directly challenge the status quo and combat ignorance surrounding the profound IT security skills shortage we all face in Australia.

If your organisation would like to know more about employing qualified Indigenous ICT personnel, please don’t hesitate to ask about our process.

Baidam Solutions’ Industry Links

Meaningful Pathways to Employment

What does this actually mean?

With the support of some of Australia’s largest companies, universities and government agencies, Baidam Solutions has been able to secure placements for qualified indigenous & Torres Strait employees. We work with both employer and applicant to discover what ICT security pathway within the organisation will fit the candidate and then, together, we help to remove every barrier to ICT security employment that has traditionally existed.

A true partnership in every sense, Baidam Solutions has committed to a target of finding jobs for 12 indigenous and & Torres Strait Islanders by 2022 in the Australian information security sector.

In turn, this will provide role models for the indigenous and Torres Strait Islander communities, build intergenerational wealth, drive our economy forward and support reconciliation through positive employment.

If you want to find out how you can assist us all in Bridging the Gap, please reach out to us directly, we would love to discuss this enthusiastic and achievable plan with you.