Baidam CEO Phillip Jenkinson will join a host of industry experts in speaking at the Australian Cyber Conference in October 2019.

The Australian Information Security Association (AISA) is the premier industry body for information security professionals in Australia. As a nationally recognised not-for-profit organisation, AISA champions the development of a robust information security sector by building the capacity of professionals in Australia and advancing the cyber security and safety of the Australian public, as well as businesses and government.

AISA prides itself on the annual national conference, the 12th being held in Melbourne, at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, from October 7 – 9, 2019.

Growing up on a sheep and cattle property outside of Bathurst NSW, Phillip has been a serving member of the Australian Defence Force, donates a significant amount of his personal time to charities, is the non- executive director of the (ISC)2 Chapter, Queensland and is a proud and passionate supporter of increased Indigenous inclusion within our sector.

Phillip is the CEO and Co-founder of Baidam Solutions and is working hard to close the gap of Indigenous representation in the ICT Security sector.

Baidam Solutions is an information security and technical solutions firm serving both State and Federal government as well as private enterprises in Australia. Baidam Solutions is Indigenous owned, Supply Nation certified and we are reinvesting in our local and regional communities to help Bridge the Gap in the Information Technology Sector by providing meaningful pathways to success.

Phillip and his wife are the delighted parents of a 12-month-old English Staffy called Thumper, so the concepts of Creative Thinking, Innovation and Disruption are daily/hourly occurrences, both at home and at work.