By Ben Moore as published on CRN, May 19 2021.

Baidam Solutions has been tapped to provide Vectra’s Cognito AI platform for behavioural detection and response to Superloop.

Baidam and Vectra have also named Cody Meakin, OAM as the first winner of their joint scholarship for Indigenous peoples (more details below).

Superloop security and IT head Jason Veness said the company’s goal for bringing on Vectra’s solution is to exceed international legislative standards for security.

“We are continuing to shift from static pattern-based threat detection to behavioural detection and response capabilities in our security operations. This partnership allows us to go beyond industry standards, ensuring better protection for our products and in turn, our customers,” he said.

Superloop said keeping ahead of evolving business security needs is a leading focus for the company.

Commenting on the Superloop win, Vectra AI Asia Pacific partner alliances head Dee Clinton said, “We’re delighted, together with Baidam Solutions, to be working with Superloop to improve their security posture and that of their customers.

“Our Cognito platform has hit the ground running, delivering greater security visibility across Superloop’s entire network while also improving internal operational efficiencies, so its security team can spend their time where it matters most.”

Veness added, “Through a very well-designed user interface and the Cognito AI platform, Vectra has simplified our security operations practices. The number of false positives has reduced dramatically, allowing us to spend our security operation hours more effectively to mitigate threats versus chasing ghosts.”

Baidam Solutions has been tapped to provide Vectra’s Cognito AI platform for behavioural detection and response to Superloop.


Baidam Solutions chief executive Phillip Jenkinson said the organisation is excited to welcome Superloop as a client and further strengthen its partnership with Vectra.

“The partnership between Baidam Solutions and Vectra AI has developed strongly over the past 12 months. Not only are we able to support clients like Superloop to protect their digital assets with Vectra’s AI-driven network detection, but we’re also committed to working with Vectra on increasing Indigenous diversity and inclusion in the ICT sector.”

The companies’ first joint Indigenous scholarship was awarded to “proud Indigenous man” Cody Meakin, OAM, from Western Arrernte in Central Australia.

Meakin, who won gold at the 2012 London Summer Paralympics for wheelchair rugby, has shifted his attention from sport to the finance sector and technology.

He says he’s incredibly proud to have won the full cost of tuition to become SANS Institute Certified that see him studying online over the coming six months towards this qualification with the support of Vectra AI and Baidam Solutions.

“Believe me when I tell you that being awarded this scholarship in such a rapidly growing industry is life-changing,” Cody says.

“Thanks to the Baidam and Vectra teams for giving me a chance, a hand up. Career pathways in cybersecurity attract higher remuneration than most other industries and this will allow me greater financial independence. When the time is right, I look forward to mentoring other Indigenous students and passing my knowledge on.”

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