Baidam Solutions has partnered with Linga Network in the construction of technology infrastructure to promote the use of electric vehicles at “culturally significant” locations across Australia.

Through the deployment of high-tech smart charging stations in key locations, electric vehicle drivers will be guided along a route named ‘Songlines by Baidam’. The first two charging stations have been deployed in Victoria’s Dimboola and Jeparit, located in Wotjobaluk country, with the route expected to span from Torquay and Port Fairy, through these towns and across the South Australian border.

Baidam partners with Linga Network

Eventually, subject to acceptance by Traditional Owners, the plans can continue and expand to encourage “environmentally friendly tourism” nationwide.

Baidam Solutions has invested with Linga Network as an infrastructure partner and through this alliance all stations will be connected to the Linga Network and enabled with all associated technology.

“This investment from Baidam Solutions is a great step forward with our public enterprise partnerships – one we welcome and believe necessary for nationwide success,” said Caity Randall, Co-Founder and COO of Linga Network. “We have installed an initial charge station in Dimboola and have plans for a series of stations along the route from Torquay to Port Fairy, one of Australia’s most iconic tourist routes.

As an electric vehicle network, our primary objective is technological progression and infrastructure deployment executed in a thorough and robust manner, but also being a strong advocate for community and cultural awareness.”

As noted by Randall, through the support of education programs delivered by Baidam Solutions, the partnership aims to create a “social return on investment” via direct funding for ICT scholarships.

“With the deployment of high tech, smart EV charging infrastructure we are increasing opportunities for tourism that will also provide further community benefit,” she added.

Co-Founder of Baidam Solutions, Jack Reis, said that through this collaboration Linga Network will support “educational and vocational pathways” for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

“Linga Network shares our view that sovereign Indigenous capabilities are increasingly important for both individual businesses and the Australian nation,” Reis outlined. “At the same time, we are making electric vehicle motoring a far more attractive proposition.”

Upon rolling out the charging station network, Baidam Solutions will hold ceremonies with local First Nations elders and dignitaries in a move designed to expose youth to the company’s scholarship pathway opportunities within the technology sector.

“Indigenous People were innovators, always looking for the best, most practical and most intelligent way of managing the land, waterways and ocean,” Nick Buenen, Baidam Solutions National Indigenous and Corporate Affairs Manager. “Songlines by Baidam brings the newest and most sustainable technology into lands where ecological harmony and strategic land use was vital for prosperity.”

A Songline – also known as Dreaming Track – describes the features and directions of travel that were included in a song that had to be sung and memorised for a traveller to know the route to their destination.

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