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Deception Provides Early And Accurate Threat Detection With Centralized Management. Request a Demo. Types: Detect reconnaissance, stolen credentials, man in the middle, active directory, & ransomware.

Deception technology for early and accurate threat detection of in-network threats. Decoys, endpoint, application, and data deceptions deceive and detect.

Solutions For Business Challenges

Comprehensive detection for empowering the defender and eliminating the attacker’s advantage.

Active Directory Protection

Find exposures and detect malicious activities.

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Detect targeted attacks against ICS/SCADA/IoT infrastructure.

Endpoint Protection

Detect and deny attacker lateral movement across all attack vectors.

Creating an Active Defense

Adaptive, informed protection against any attack vector.

Remote Worker Risk Reduction

Protect VPN access points and remote workforce.

Secure Cloud Operations

Deploy native cloud technology deceptions for threat detection.

Derail Lateral Movement

Detect reconnaissance and prevent privilege escalation on-premises and in the cloud

Ransomware Protection

Delay malware with deception and concealment technologies.

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