Why Baidam Solutions?

By supporting Baidam Solutions, you are supporting measurable change within the ICT security sector and allowing for more Indigenous involvement in the national technology community.

Australia’s leading Indigenous ICT security services and solutions provider, Baidam Solutions is focused on helping our customers achieve logical business outcomes using innovative local and international technology solutions.

Our commitment to giving back to the local economy will help us all “Bridge the Gap” of Indigenous representation in the IT security sector and Baidam Solutions has included in its corporate charter, a structured and measurable plan called the Baidam Initiative to provide both specialist IT security certification funding and meaningful employment opportunities for regional and remote communities.

Our Vision, Mission and Values

Baidam Vision

“To become Australia’s leading Indigenous IT Security Solutions provider by 2025”

Baidam Solutions Mission

• We will build a safer online community by delivering measurable business outcomes.
• We will become a trusted provider within our sector by providing integrity, professionalism, expert knowledge and a community focus.
• We are responsible for creating training opportunity and employment pathways for Regional and Remote Indigenous communities.


Here at Baidam Solutions, we have used the acronym CHOICE to articulate our business values.


Moral and Social courage in Baidam Solutions is about always doing the right thing even at the risk of ridicule and retribution. Moral courage requires us to rise above complacency, ignorance, cynicism, socioeconomic divisions, and cultural/religious differences. Social courage is standing tall, with your head held high, feeling comfortable in your own skin. To us at Baidam Solutions, it means Shaking the Tree, Creating Change and Bridging the Gap.


In Baidam Solutions, Honesty is valued in every communication and transaction between our customers and our employees. It is fundamental in the workplace, as it creates an environment of trust and confidence. Honesty and transparency are guiding principles in how Baidam Solutions handles every aspect of its work, honesty isn’t only about doing things the right away, it’s also about expressing the values in which Baidam Solutions has been founded.


Baidam Solutions is proud to be the first indigenous IT security provider in Queensland. We are proud of the ability to think creatively, look at business problems from a different perspective and present our solutions in an original manner.


We can define Innovation simply as a “new idea, device or method”. However, Innovation is often also viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, un-articulated needs, or existing market needs. At Baidam we are proud to bring unique IT solutions to the market.


Leadership means facing Challenges head on and at Baidam Solutions we acknowledge that we have an opportunity to challenge the market, challenge myths and prejudices, challenge ourselves and each other to be better in everything we do.


At Baidam we know that it is our responsibility to continue to educate ourselves, and in doing so to educate others. To keep up to date with a rapidly evolving global security landscape means applying ourselves to learn. At Baidam we will tell our unique story to keep our identity alive and will be proud of who and what we represent.